Choose Your Translation Path

When it comes to website translation, you can choose from the following workflows.



Pre-launch: Workflow for websites with the old design

If you need a translation for a website of the central administration in the old design, please send the text as a Word or Excel document to

Create an English page for it by simply duplicating the German page and inserting our translation into the new page. You can read more about this on JGU Polyglott (in German).

Post-launch: Workflow for websites with the new design

After the website relaunch, there will be two main options for translations:

WordPress + plugin + translation software

As a translation service provider, we always work with our translation software which we connect directly to WordPress via a multilingual plugin (WPML). This approach allows us to ensure consistency while working as efficiently as possible.

If you have a large translation project that comes with a budget for contracting external translation services, it may be worthwhile to use translation software (usually for a fee) and we would be happy to advise you on how best to use and implement it.

WordPress + plugin

Furthermore, after the relaunch of your website, you have the option of translating directly in WordPress using a multilingual plugin (WPML). The plugin makes it easier to manage and edit your translations, and can also be used together with a machine translation tool.

Learn about the new website layout and how to translate using WPML (in German).